Scion Real


Who we are

We are transaction advisors and fund managers who identify, structure and finance high asset-value projects that call on our first-class expertise in investment, law and urban development. We work with leading project managers, investors, lenders, construction professionals, mortgage providers, homeowner advisors and estate agents to ensure that our projects succeed.


To mobilize capital for urban development in Africa while building wealth for our partners and the communities where we work.


To be a leading investment firm offering diverse clients access to well-structured, efficiently-executed, lucrative investment opportunities in real estate and infrastructure throughout urban Africa.

Track Record

Since inception, Scion Real has:

  • Provided advisory services to diverse clients, ranging from government investment promotion agencies and private developers to pension funds and regional builders.
  • Raised over US$25 million in project finance for our clients, with several other opportunities currently in road shows.
  • Been involved in transactions worth over $US1 billion in project finance with completed projects achieving superior returns. Ongoing projects worth over US$100 million are currently available for investor participation.
  • Supported private and public sector clients in transactions in various real estate asset classes including retail, housing, medical, hospitality, industrial, farming, educational and parking in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.
  • Current Focus

    Scion Real’s focus is urban development in Africa. For investment, we prefer lucrative and strategic development projects with relatively short delivery times. For more details on our investment strategy and focus, please contact