Scion Real


Scion Real is an advisory and investment firm focused on urban property and infrastructure. We maximize value for our partners by combining our pioneering spirit in emerging markets with a disciplined, value-oriented investment approach.

Scion Real

Superior Returns

Scion Real believes in Africa

Over the next ten years, 7 of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies will be in Africa. Driven by rapid urbanization, increasing affluence and a growing population, Africa already has more middle class households than India and consumer spending is already higher that in India or China. A key indicator of this emerging prosperity, property and infrastructure are sectors investors cannot afford to ignore. We identify and structure lucrative opportunities, providing an avenue for our partners to share in the continent's remarkable growth.

Global Standards

Scion Real plays with the best

Scion Real is committed to continuous innovation and international best practice in our technical delivery and to the highest ethical and professional standards in our operations. We exploit international partnerships and expertise to continually improve our products as well as the way we work. The result is quality, reliability and transparency in our management of our clients’ investments.

Scion Real

Local Expertise

Scion Real has its ear to the ground

The Scion Real head office is located in Nairobi, Kenya, the regional economic hub for Eastern and Central Africa. From there, our qualified and experienced team closely tracks market trends and prides itself on its ability to spot opportunities that would otherwise be missed. Our strong networks in the building and financial industry and with regulators and communities provide our clients with incisive and reliable information on which to base critical business decisions.

Sustainable Communities

Scion Real sees the big picture

We are dedicated to the communities in which we work. We partner only with qualified, experienced and ethical professionals. We also proactively engage neighbourhoods and public agencies in our projects right from inception to ensure that our developments preserve green spaces and foster a clean, safe environment. Outside the real estate sector, we support various charitable initiatives. In these ways, we leave a legacy of high-quality buildings and vibrant communities in everything we do.

Scion Real

Enduring Partnerships

Scion Real sticks around

We strive to provide responsive and innovative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. We balance strong advocacy for our clients’ objectives with fair consideration of other interests involved. For our clients, partners, suppliers and buyers, this means an uncomplicated and wholesome experience that builds a foundation for long-lasting relationships.